The Braciolina Messinese

a history of quality and Sicilian passion

The Bracioline (stuffed Sicilian meat roulades) are one of the most representative specialty of the Messinese cuisine.

As for the ingredients, there are countless versions of the traditional recipe, due to the fact that, for centuries, the extraordinary creativity of people living on the banks of the Strait of Messina have got the upper hand over the limits of a pantry which was sometimes humble.

Since the 15th century up to our days, the Bracioline have been prepared rolling cuts of meat or fish in order to take the form of a tender bundle of meat or fish around “a muddica”, that is to say the delicious core of breadcrumbs with various types of seasoning. The most common cuts of meat are beef, pork, chicken, turkey (which are sometimes even combined onto the same skewer), while the cuts of fish are swordfish, scabbardfish (also known as frostfish or beltfish) or garfish. We will postpone the introduction of another traditional dish of the Messinese cuisine, namely the vegetable rolls.

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Our commitment

tasty for character, natural for passion

Le BRACIOLINE® preserve the best quality features of a handmade product.
Our BRACIOLINE® are entirely made by hand. Moreover, our mission is to combine traditional elements which are representative of the Mediterranean food and beverage culture, applying the best practice approach to our production processes, in matters of both quality and food safety.

All ingredients are excellent feed materials that are carefully selected and monitored.

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A tasty solution for the Modern Food Service

Our purpose is to thrill those who want to be free to choose

Our business model is aimed at creating value for our partners who are committed in the multifaceted and dynamic world of the Modern Food Service, taking into account any kind and shape of food service.

Le BRACIOLINE® are a Typical Italian Foodproduct incorporating the features of:

  • innovation, typicality and high quality;
  • ease of use for the purpose of the service (ready in 15 minutes);
  • versatility in its application;
  • durability, thanks to the freezing process;
  • a great Quality-Price Ratio and an outstanding level of remuneration.

Thanks to all the above-mentioned features, our product is eligible to be enhanced in the diversified market of the Modern Food Service.

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