A tasty solution for the Modern Food Service

Our business model is aimed at creating value for our partners who are committed in the multifaceted and dynamic world of the Food Service, taking into account any kind and shape of food service.

Le BRACIOLINE® are a Typical Italian Food product incorporating the features of:

⇒ innovation, typicality and high quality;

⇒  ease of use for the purpose of the service (ready in 15 minutes);

⇒  versatility in its application;

⇒ durability, thanks to the freezing process, that

  • preserves the organoleptic properties of the fresh product
  • allows the optimal stockpile management
  • allows the optimal stockpile management

⇒ a great quality/price ratio and an outstanding level of remuneration

Thanks to all the above-mentioned features, our product is eligible to be enhanced in the diversified market of the Modern Food Service.

Le BRACIOLINE® represent an innovation because they include features that could not be found in other food products already available on the market.

Since some years, this product, main course of the prosperous culinary tradition of Messina, has meritoriously aroused the interest and appreciation of the Modern Food Service even beyond the national borders.

Le BRACIOLINE® offers a versatile solution lending themselves to numerous interpretations.

They are made with beef, pork and chicken as well as with fish. They can be served as appetizers, as a main course or as a single dish.

They can be prepared roasted, barbecued, on the grill, on the griddle, in the oven, in stew or with sauce. In the latter case, sauces could be used as a condiment for pasta (such as the swordfish “alla ghiotta”).

They constitute an option to be successfully combined with more than one theme menu – from seasonal themes to themes of grills, including also the themes of the regional cuisine.

They are naturally appropriate for express and visual preparations, since the exposure of the product, once it is regenerated, is pleasant and, therefore, able to arouse in the consumer an emotional preference.

The Modern Food Service is expanding and evolving as a huge laboratory that, at the same time, is able to integrate cultural and social concerns and, as a result, to re-elaborate and propose new styles, behaviours and habits not only in matters of food. Le BRACIOLINE® incorporate a service component providing an added value for the product itself.

Our mission is the creation of new value, in cooperation with our partners, for our partners.