Stuffed Swordfish Roulades

The Swordfish Bracioline

A tender slice of swordfish is rolled around breadcrumbs (the so-called “muddica”), a filling dressed with various types of seasoning, in line with the best tradition of Sicilian cuisine.

One of the peculiarities of the version of Messina is the method of preparation (entirely by hand), with the involtino taking the form of a bundle of meat around the “muddica” filling.

Each braciolina is threaded onto skewers (called “i spitini”) to facilitate the traditional method of cooking over a charcoal grill, “brace” in Italian (from which the name of these involtini, “braciolina”, is derived).

Each single skewer is individually packaged in food-grade flow pack wrapping. The product is chilled and stored at around -0.4 °F.

All our ingredients are carefully selected.

The involtino:

The cut of swordfish used to prepare our bracioline is classified as SASHIMI GRADE fillet.

For a fish to be eligible to use the name SASHIMI, it must be caught and, then, accurately and precisely processed. As a result, it would preserve its best organoleptic properties and freshness, as if it was freshly-caught fish.

Thanks to its unique qualitative features, it is the perfect fish to wrap up our bracioline.

“‘A muddica” (the filling):

The main ingredient of “muddica” is breadcrumbs, that is obtained from bread made exclusively from type 0 wheat flour, re-milled durum wheat semolina, water, salt and brewer’s yeast.

 The “muddica” is enriched with raw-milk cheeses. Consequently, our products contain more proteins, vitamins, calcium, and, in particular, they are characterized by the intense flavour of cheeses made from fresh milk. The long-aged raw sheep’s milk Pecorino from the slopes of Mount Etna is obtained only from fresh milk, rennet and salt.

Pitted green olives, lemon juice and zests, capers and pine nuts release the fragrances of the Sicilian passion. Fresh chopped parsley, ground black pepper and iodized sea salt complete their aroma.

The Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Palma di Montechiaro (Cultivar Biancolilla, Cerasuola and Nocellara del Belice), obtained from hand-picked and cold-milled olives, intensifies the fragrances and flavours of Sicily that each braciolina jealously guards inside its bundle.

The cooking method:

[…]Then roll it up together and put it on the spit to cook.
But do not let it become too dry on the fire.

(Libro de Arte Coquinaria; Maestro Martino, 1456-1467)

In his book on the art of cooking, the Italian 15th-century culinary expert Maestro Martino was the first who pointed out the importance of taking into account the method of cooking. Still nowadays, in fact, cooking times and temperatures are keystone to cook and serve top-class bracioline.

INDACO FOOD s.r.l. is committed to support its partners, providing them with the skills and know-how required for always promoting the best appreciation of Le BRACIOLINE® in the numerous opportunities of consumption offered by the Modern Food Service.


12,3% di GDA*

*GDA calculated on the basis of a 2,000 kcal diet

(245 kcal = 100g of product)

Calories daily intake

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